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With gas prices nearing record highs, travelers are looking for a destination that will provide ways of fun without having to drive miles for each new adventure.  Moab is the #1 adventure resort town in the Four Corners area of Utah and fits perfectly into this category as all of the following can be done completely FREE of charge:

Hiking. The Moab area contains a large number of trails to suit any taste and experience level. From cool stream-side hikes (Negro Bill & Hunter Canyons) to spectacular sandstone arches (Corona Arch), the Moab area is full of exciting day-hikes suitable for the entire family.

Mountain biking. Home of the greatest mountain biking on the planet, Moab offers a huge variety of trails for mountain bikers of any experience level, from beginners looking for a scenic ride through beautiful canyons and mesa tops, to seasoned bikers looking for the ultimate challenge.

Four-wheel driving.  There are thousands of miles of jeep trails in Grand County. Most are unmaintained relics from mining or prospecting for minerals such as uranium, vanadium radium copper, gold, and oil. Yet, except for the trails themselves, there are few scars on the landscape allowing for some of the most beautiful back country exploring in the world.

Moab Utah canoe and kayakingCanoeing & Kayaking.  Although the Colorado River often conjures images of wild, churning rapids and heart-stopping near capsizes, the rivers of the Moab area have a softer side as well. For miles at a time they are simply wide, quiet streams that, on clear days, reflect a mosaic of rock cliffs and sky, a perfect scene for calm water float trips in canoes, kayaks and rafts.  Ken’s Lake, a manmade reservoir is also nearby for canoe and kayaking, as well as swimming.

Movie Museum & Self guide Movie Location tour.  Since 1949 the Moab area has been a popular location for Hollywood movies.  Movies filmed in our area range from the old John Wayne classics to more recent hits such as Geronimo, City Slickers II, and Mission Impossible II.  Thelma and Louise took their final leap into the Colorado River from along the Shafer Trail under Dead Horse Point near Moab!  Numerous commercials, and more recently music videos, have been filmed here.   Take a self-guide tour of movie locations and visit the Film Museum at Red Cliffs Lodge.  The museum houses memorabilia from the days of black and white filmmaking (featuring our most cherished actors and actresses), to highlights from recent film projects that have taken advantage of the spectacular scenery surrounding.  The museum is self-guided and open to the public daily at no charge.

Self-guided auto tours.  Moab is home to three officially designated Scenic Byways and one Scenic backway.  Featuring arches, canyons, red rock formations, the Colorado River Gorge, petrogylphs, dinosaur tracks, historical bridge, movie locations and the LaSal Mountains, these routes offer amazingly diverse scenery and hiking opportunities.

Rock Art Tour.   The Moab area has numerous examples of Indian rock art to enjoy. This self-guded tour briefly discusses some types, dates, the artists and their cultures and how to take care of these irreplaceable sites. Directions are included to a number of sites which allow you to sample some of the easily accessible ancient rock art in the Moab area. All sites are accessible with a passenger car and a short walk!

Dinosaur tracks.  Self guided trail guide to the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail, contains traces (vertebrae, bone fragments and impressions) of a variety of dinosaur species. Visitors can also view the remnants of an old copper mill and the Halfway Stage Station, a rest stop for travelers during the turn of the century as they traveled from the railroad at Thompson to Moab.  The Copper Ridge Sauropod Tracksite discovered in 1989, reveals the first brontosaurus trackway reported from Utah, as well as trackways of four theropods of various sizes. The dinosaurs walked in several directions across a ripple-marked sand deposit that had accumulated in an ancient river channel.

Winter Activities.  Located within the Manti-La Sal National Forest, the LaSals offer many areas open to cross-country skiing, snowshoeing sledding and a small amount of snowmobiling. Access to most areas is off the Geyser Pass Road which is plowed to a parking lot. For skiers, the LaSals offer both worked trails and backcountry terrain.

Free Family Events.  Throughout the year there are a wide variety of events that are free to spectators.  March through mid-December, The Moab Art Walk includes featured artists and receptions. Stroll Moab’s galleries, shops, and cafés and view fine locally created, Moab art.  The Moab Arts Festival held Memorial Day weekend is a great family event featuring art exhibits and vendors, kids’ corner, and live music in the park and it is all free.  During the April Action Car Show get a blast from the past as hundreds of classic cars pack the City Park along with vendors, and live music.  Then enjoy hours watching the cars cruise Main Street Moab.   There are interpretive talks at the National & State Parks from April – October and a many other events throughout the year including an Electric Light Parade in December.

Moab Utah scenic byway mountains and desertMoab is the gateway to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, two of Utah’s five National Parks, Dead Horse Point State Park, the Colorado River and the beautiful La Sal Mountains.  There are more National Parks, State Parks and other major attractions within a 200-mile radius of Moab than any other location in Utah.  It has a vibrant downtown where you can shop, browse, eat and enjoy the charm and hospitality of a small resort town.

From the Colorado River and thousand foot canyons, to the snow capped peaks of 12,000 foot mountains, Moab is an “outdoor wonderland” for hikers, bikers, rafters, golfers, four wheelers, hunters and fishers, sightseers, photo buffs, historians, heritage culture seekers and so much more.

Add to all of this, the fact you can spend full days in the Arches & Canyonlands National Parks for only $10.00 a car and you will see why Moab is a best choice for one stop adventure. For more information visit


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