Ciclismo Classico Offers New Photography Tour of Peru

Ciclismo Classico Peru

Ciclismo Classico is pleased to unveil a brand new photography tour of Peru as part of its “Travel Vision Journeys”series. These adventures immerse, inspire and connect travelers with the worlds’ most beautiful places via the transformational magic of the photographic experience. Every Travel Vision Journey offers a special blend of expert local guides, professional photographers, local cuisine, boutique hotels, cross-cultural learning, language lessons, and comprehensive photography workshops. The inaugural 9-day Panoramic Peru tour is scheduled for 09/19/15 – 09/27/15 and starts at $5,600. For more information, call 1.800.866.7314 or visit

Peru is a country of astounding contrasts and treasures. It offers a rich combination of cultural heritage, history, nature, geography, and spirituality. “Panoramic Peru” kicks off by exploring and photographing one of Lima’s most picturesque markets where guests can see, taste and purchase the most popular ingredients used in Peruvian cuisine, followed by a trip to Pachacamac, one of the largest and most important archaeological sites in Peru.

Next, travelers will journey to the “Sacred Valley of the Incas” and take an expedition train to Machu Picchu, arguably the most important ruins of the Inca. Climbing the Huayna Picchu Mountain will offer an amazing photographic perspective of the Inca citadel and its surroundings.

“In the Sacred Valley, we will learn about ancient customs and even participate in a Ceremony of Tribute to Mother Earth with a shaman,” said Ciclismo Classico Founder Lauren Hefferon.

Back in Cusco, guests will visit and photograph the San Pedro market, a vibrant area offering a first-hand look at how locals live day-to-day, outside the confines of Cusco’s tourist zones. Other sites of significance include: Koricancha, Plaza de Armas, and the Museum of Sacred, Magical and Medicinal Plants.

The subsequent journey is to the Andean village of Andahuaylillas and the archaeological site of Raqchi, also known as the Temple of Wiracocha. The floating islands of Lake Titicaca, famous for producing beautiful handmade textiles, conclude the tour by offering unbelievably photographic opportunities.

“We will relish in the fine art of connecting with our natural surroundings and return home more skilled, inspired, and passionate about sharing the travel experience with others through photography,” said Hefferon.


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