AHKi Retreat in Costa Rica Offers Exotic, Luxury Yoga Experience

AHKi Retreat

If every piece of a land or a building has a soul of its own, as ancient Vastu Shastra texts say, the AHKi Retreat in Costa Rica’s Guanacaste Province was designed as a sacred healing space, and by all accounts this five-year-old small private retreat has a life of its own. Its owners and staff are welcoming returning many retreat leaders for its fifth anniversary season and offering special celebration yoga, surf, and culinary retreats in April 2017.

“Our property is in Nosara, within the Blue Zone of Costa Rica, and in creating AHKi Retreat, my intention was to create a sacred space that honors the land and optimizes its healing energy,” said Karen Munna, owner of AHKi Retreat. “My research led me to Vastu Shastra, the ancient science and design for creating sacred space. Michael Borden, an architect who specializes in Vastu, has played a large role in helping to manifest my dream. Having now hosted five years of private retreats, I’ve witnessed AHKi’s healing powers, and it’s like it’s come alive and absolutely incredible.”

“A Vastu structure sets up a resonance with the inner Silent Truth,” said Mr. Borden. “The Vastu structure creates a space that is radiant with Silence. Silence grows in one’s life and all distractions of life can begin to fall away.”

Vastu Shastra design ensures a perfectly balanced environment, which ensures enhanced health, wealth and happiness. The five elements, nine directions, the Universal and Earthly energies, are harnessed to create a beneficial environment with a good disposition to the Sun, proper ventilation and lighting, and flow of energy throughout.

AHKI Retreat supports many kinds of retreats for yoga and meditation, dance and music workshops, art and photography, writing, cooking, personal, or spiritual development.

Over the course of its first five years, clients have asked for special AHKi Retreats, and in celebration of its 5th anniversary, AHKi is offering two of its most frequently requested retreats. Registration is open to all (see www.ahkiretreat.com). A Culinary Retreat is slated for April 1-8. A Surfing and Yoga Retreat is slated for April 22-29.

International retreat leader and Chicago-based psychotherapist Wendy Kopald of The Women’s Circle discovered AHKi Retreat during its first operating season and returns every year. “We found AHKi and fell in love with everything about it. The whole place was planned with so much attention to every detail. It is beautiful and spiritual. It is very important to our work with women that we have a whole retreat place to ourselves and AHKi is the perfect size for that. The women feel safe, nurtured, well fed with healthy food, and they all leave feeling restored and with a sense of calm and clarity.”

“I came here earlier this year and looked at a few retreat centers, and I saw some lovely things but when I walked into this space there was something about the way energetically that it felt,” said retreat leader Sukhdev Jackson. “Everybody has had a delightful and profound experience here.”



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