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Surrounded by the beauty and mystique of the red rocks in Sedona, Arizona, Enchantment Resort is delighted to announce the launch of the brand new ‘Canyon Conservationists’ kids program dedicated to educating guests on the history and preservation of Boynton Canyon. Since its opening in 1987, Enchantment Resort has been an advocate of sustainability and protecting the resort’s neighboring environment. In celebration of the 30th Anniversary this year, the resort has renewed its commitment to the environment with the development of ‘Canyon Conservationists’ to instill in its guests the same enthusiasm and passion for canyon preservation through fun and educational activities.

Enchantment Resort is dedicated to paying tribute to the Native American people who first occupied the canyon and has built a valuable relationship with the surrounding tribes over the past 30 years. With a historic past navigated through stories told by elders from various native tribes, Boynton Canyon is a magnificent setting for those seeking natural beauty, cultural discoveries, and a place for restoration. The new ‘Canyon Conservationists’ kids program joins the resort’s well-established Native American Program which offers guests educational activities and seminars about the traditions and cultural heritage of the indigenous tribes. The new ‘Canyon Conservationists’ program will include the following activities, as well as a selection of individually priced programs:

Save the Bees!
Guests will have the opportunity to learn how human existence depends on bees and how to naturally promote bees’ welfare with a pollinator garden. The beekeeper will lead an interactive demonstration on the tools used for collecting honey and explain how bees make their hive and produce honey. Local honey samples will be available to try! (Indoor/Outdoor)

Organic Gardening & Composting for Kids
This activity will teach guests how to make their own compost with Enchantment Resort’s resident expert organic gardener illustrating the importance of composting and what happens over time. The event will be hosted at the Mii amo Chef’s garden where the resort’s stellar chef, Alexander Pasco, grows local and organic Arizona produce used in his flavorful, yet healthful cuisine. This is a great experience for little gardeners! (Outdoor)

Recycle: Keep the Red Rocks Green
Resort guests are invited to ‘keep the red rocks green’ as they learn how important it is to make waste reusable from an early age. This event will feature a Recycling Relay & Race where participants will sort recyclables into the correct piles, a 3R CD toss that emphasizes the benefits of reducing waste, a Natural Resources Scavenger Hunt, a water use survey, and an interactive lesson about the impact of litter on the marine food pyramid. (Indoor/Outdoor)

Leave No Trace
In this program, guests will learn the seven principles of Leave No Trace from a Grand Canyon Ranger. Participants will enjoy the wilderness without leaving a negative impact on the environment, by learning how to properly prepare themselves and their natural surroundings for the next outdoor adventure. (Indoor/Outdoor)

Nature Walk for Kids

Kids will learn how local Native American tribes used their natural resources for clothes, tools, medicine and food. The resort’s resident naturalist will guide them on an exploration of the Resort grounds to discover the amazing plants and animals that call Boynton Canyon home. Collecting a few items from the walk, participants will create a special keepsake to take home with them to remind them of what they learned. (Outdoor)

Bats: Ecological Superheroes
Arizona has 28 species of protected bats. Guests will learn how to cultivate these amazing and rapidly dwindling mammals by building bat boxes at home. Our resident bat enthusiast will speak about the benefits of bats in a garden including how they save crops and forests from devastation by eating millions of flying insects, pollinate flowers and plants, and how their guano can be used for fertilizer. (Indoor/Outdoor)

What is Wilderness?
Come learn about wilderness and what guests can do to preserve it. A representative from the Arizona Natural History Association will share information about how the surrounding flora, fauna, and terrain differ from other areas in Sedona and what travelers might encounter while they are in the wild. Participants will also have the opportunity to embark on a short hike during this program. (Outdoor)

Ancient Southwest Native American Astronomy
Join the resort for an exciting look at the celestial interpretations and practices of several ancient tribes. The rock art in the area not only includes a 1,000-year-old solar calendar, but other images and symbols that reveal how these people navigated their lands, named the constellations, and marked events throughout the year. The resort’s ancient astronomy researcher will illuminate his exciting local finds and teach travelers to interpret these symbols and appreciate their importance. (Indoor)

Individually Priced Programs:

Improving Owl and Kestrel Habitats
Arizona’s Raptor Experience provides an up-close encounter with amazing birds of prey, and the Resort has partnered with them to encourage the local kestrel and owl species to make their nests around the grounds. Guests will have the opportunity to join in on an exciting walk to learn about these unique species as the group checks the bird boxes located on the Resort grounds. If the nests are occupied by chicks, guests will be able to observe as they are tagged for tracking purposes. The experience will end with a one-on-one visit with some amazing birds of prey. $350

Creepy Crawly Creatures
Snakes, tarantulas, and scorpions are animals commonly associated with the Southwest, but there’s no need to be afraid when face-to-face with these creepy crawlers. A local, long-time animal advocate and rescuer will get participants comfortable handling them in no time! Find out how they survive the high desert environment and why it is important to preserve their natural habitats for future generations. $150 (Indoor/Outdoor)

Help Preserve the Canyon’s Ruins
With almost 100 Native American ruins in the surrounding area, travelers are bound to run across one while hiking. These historic sites are sacred to local tribes and very fragile, but amazing to see up close. Join the Director of the Verde Valley Archeology Center for an informative presentation about the etiquette guests should follow when visiting these ruins and how locals work to preserve them for others to enjoy. $200 (Indoor/Outdoor)

The Canyon Conservationists program starts at $250 for up to 3 activities. All program activities will be offered for free during the spring break period (March 20th – April 23rd, 2017). Reservations can be made by contacting the Enchantment Resort Activities Team at (928) 203-8407. For more information, please visit www.enchantmentresort.com/things_to_do_sedona/canyon_conservationists


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