Gondwana EcoTours Announces NEW People-to-People Cuba Tour

Cuba eco tour

Gondwana EcoTours is offering a 10-day people-to-people tour of Cuba. On this brand new tour, guests will feast on homemade cuisine, dance with locals, enjoy a private concert with top Cuban musicians, tour Old Havana, swim in a Cenote pool, relax on beautiful beaches, visit a 4th generation tobacco farm, ride horses through a beautiful valley of tobacco and coffee farms, explore a lesser known national park, and snorkel in waters teeming with fish and coral reefs. Tours are available September-January and start at $2,345 per person. For more information, visit http://gondwanaecotours.com/tour/cuba-people-people-ecotour/ or call 877-587-8479.

“If you are not into cruise-ship style travel, then you’ve come to the right place,” said Gondwana EcoTours Founder Jared Sternberg. “Join us for an authentic, off-the-beaten-path experience where you’ll get an insider’s view into the unique culture and nature of this incredible island.”

Throughout the trip, guests will have a private room and bathroom in different Casas Particulares, providing a unique opportunity to get to know the locals. These are Cuban home-stays, like an Airbnb, but with much more privacy and service.

“There are plenty of nice state-run hotels in Cuba, but they simply can’t compare to the cultural experience of staying in a Casa Particular,” said Sternberg.

Breakfasts will be served at the Casas Particulares, and lunches will be at Paladares, which are in-home restaurants. Some dinners will be at popular restaurants such as El Biky in Havana, while others will be at the homes of guides and hosts.

Gondwana Ecotours is committed to providing sustainable travel, maintaining an environmental and cultural focus, and providing the vacation of a lifetime. Tour the Amazon Rainforest with indigenous guides, encounter some of the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas in Rwanda, visit with the Maasai people of Tanzania, explore Machu Picchu without the crowds, hike with grizzlies in Alaska, visit Cajun communities in Louisiana, and more. http://gondwanaecotours.com/



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