Epic Cycling Adventures to Celebrate Bicentennial of the Bike

Biking London to Rome - Credit Ride and Seek

Biking London to Rome – Credit Ride and Seek

June 2017 marks 200 years since German inventor Karl Von Drais first rode his two-wheeled Laufmaschine, or “running machine.” His invention allowed a person to keep their feet on the ground, extending their stride as the wheels rolled along at the push of the leg. The ride marked the advent of mechanized personal transport. To celebrate the bicentennial of the bicycles, here are adventurous cycling trips being offered by tour operators around the globe:

  1. Che Guevara Bike Tour: Bike Odyssey, a newly launched Australian bicycle tour operator, has unveiled an epic cycling expedition tracing the path of political revolutionary Che Guevara. The 29-day Che – Bariloche to Santiago tour covers 1,460 miles across Argentina and Chile, which was documented Guevara’s memoir “The Motorcycle Diaries.” Offered in two 14-day stages, the inaugural tour is slated Nov. 17-Dec. 18, 2018. Prices start at $6,486.
  2. Ride the Bamboo Road: TDA Global Cycling’s 4,550-mile Bamboo Road expedition meanders between Shanghai and Singapore – two of Asia’s largest cities – through stunning mountains, along sparkling coastlines, into misty valleys and beside historic waterways. Riders will pass through the 14th century city of Xiamen and modern Hong Kong, cross Friendship Pass between China and Vietnam, and have opportunities to tour Ha Long Bay and Angkor Wat on rest days. Along the way, they’ll revel in national parks and UNESCO sites, taste South Asian cuisine and enjoy the unsurpassed hospitality of the region’s people. The six-stage tour is slated Sept. 24-Dec. 18, 2017. Prices start at $2,150.
  3. Cycle the Mediterranean: Join Ride & Seek for a cycling tour at the crossroads of the Mediterranean: Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily. Split into three week-long stages, the 3 Islands Tour is a journey through the history, food, architecture and traditions of these Mediterranean jewels. The three-stage tour is slated May 5-26, 2018. Prices start at $3,470.
  4. Bike from London to Rome: This cycling tour of historical proportions follows in the footsteps of Julius Caesar on a 33-day, 1,800-mile journey from London to Rome. Crossing waterways, vine-clad hills and mountain passes, this is the only tour of its kind being offered today. Participants will never be the same. The two-stage tour is slated June 2-July 4, 2018. Prices start at $7,386.
  5. Lionheart: Venice to Aquitaine: This Bike Odyssey tour leads guests 1,550 miles across the Dolomites and Austrian Alps, along the banks of the Danube River to Bavarian Germany and beyond through Alsace and Burgundy in France. It encompasses some of the most beautiful riding routes, scrumptious food and wine regions, and spectacular castles – both to stay in and to visit – in all of Europe. The two-stage tour is slated for June 2-30, 2018. Prices start at $6,484.
  1. Give a Bike in Africa: Can’t get away? Join the #200for200 Summer Cycling Challenge and help TDA Global Cycling’s TDA Foundation reach its goal of raising $200,000 and giving the gift of 1,000 new bicycles in Africa. Any cyclist or team of cyclists can participate, regardless of age, fitness level or geographical location. For every cyclist or team that rides 200 kilometers, raises $200 and challenges two friends to do the same between June 12 and Sept. 12, 2017, the TDA Foundation will donate one bike in Africa. A top prize winner will be awarded a dream trip consisting of one section of a TDA Global Cycling bike tour, which includes flight, accommodations, meals and an invitation to participate in the #200for200 bicycle presentation ceremony.

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