Ekies All Senses Resort Launches Fine Dining Treehouse Restaurant

Ekies Treehouse restaurant

Located on a pristine beach in Vourvourou, in Greece’s Halkidiki region, and surrounded by rocky islets, secluded caves, crystal waters, and pine tree forests, Ekies All Senses Resort is an idyllic hideaway. Designed to blend harmoniously with its landscape through the use of natural unrefined materials, the resort is a reflection of its stunning location. And now, the redesign of the Treehouse fine dining restaurant invites guests to further embrace the splendor of their surroundings, as delectable local cuisine is served under the stars with unspoiled views across the Aegean Ocean. www.designhotels.com/ekies-all-senses-resort

The Treehouse restaurant was designed by Milan-based agency CTRLZAK Art & Design Studio. Influenced by the local ecosystem, agency founders Katia Meneghini and Thanos Zakopoulos took their creativity from the stunning array of flora and fauna that can be found in the region. “We took inspiration from the natural wonders surrounding the resort,” says Katia Meneghini. “From the Mediterranean pine trees to the tiny organisms that are found in their branches.”

Ekies Treehouse restaurant

Following on from the eco-conscious theme of Ekies All Senses Resort, the materials used in the redesign of the Treehouse and surrounding beach area were sustainably sourced. The flooring has been rendered from pine wooden planks and naturally rusted iron was used for the railings and supporting structure. Inox fabric—a unique material which is weaved on a loom, creating an unusual mesh that alters in color depending on the direction of the sun’s rays—was sourced for the wrapping of the cocoon that encloses its guests in a symbiotic experience between man and nature.

The Treehouse will seat 10 people and dinner will be served in one seating at 9pm each evening. Dishes include: Beetroot salad and foie gras; Codfish Agioritikos with cream of plum and an onion broth; and Risotto with fermented mussels, green apple, and mint.




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